All-region teams: Bell, Blankenship named top players in 2-A


Here is the all-region team for 2-A, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Players of the year: QB A.J. Bell, Charlton County, Sr., and QB Ian Blankenship, Telfair County, Sr.

Offensive players of the year: QB Charles McClelland, Clinch County, Sr., and QB Tyler Moore, Turner County, Sr.

Defensive players of the year: DE Marlon Jackson, Irwin County, Sr., and DE John Mincey, Clinch County, Sr.

Special teams players of the year: KR/PR Raykwon Anderson, Charlton County, Jr., and KR/PR Jamorri Colson, Irwin County, So.

First-team offense

QB – Will Stephens, Irwin County, Sr.

RB – Trezman Marshall, Clinch County, Jr.

RB – Malton Hitson, Atkinson County, Jr.

RB – D.J. Lundy, Irwin County, So.

WR – Raykwon Anderson, Charlton County, Jr.

WR – Jordan Benjamin, Wilcox County, Sr.

WR – Jeremiah Johnson, Clinch County, So.

WR – James Green, Lanier County, Jr.

WR – Brantley Sloan, Charlton County, Jr.

TE – Hunter Spires, Irwin County, Sr.

C – Aaron Brazeale, Charlton County, Sr.

OL – Lochlan Cunningham, Irwin County, Jr.

OL – Isait Alvarado, Irwin County, Jr.

OL – C.J. Gwynn, Clinch County, Jr.

OL – Patrick Milton, Charlton County, Sr.

OL – Kaylen Wright, Lanier County, Sr.

First-team defense

DL – Zion Blackshear, Turner County, Jr.

DL – Lance Carter, Charlton County, Jr.

DL – Raymont Edge, Irwin County, Sr.

DL – Khamari Rowe, Telfair County, Jr.

DL – Jamichael Zanders, Telfair County, Sr.

LB – Eric Daniels, Charlton County, Sr.

LB – D.J. Martin, Irwin County, Sr.

LB – Trey King, Turner County, Jr.

LB – Travis Ray, Charlton County, Jr.

LB – Ashton McNeil, Lanier County, Jr.

LB – Tahj Williams, Clinch County, Sr.

DB – Jamorri Colson, Irwin County, So.

DB – Trent Henderson, Turner County, Jr.

DB – Dantonio Robinson, Clinch County, Jr.

DB – Javon Stanley, Irwin County, So.

DB – Nyjay Wilson, Atkinson County, Sr.

First-team special teams

P – Daquon Sims, Atkinson County, Jr.

PK – Tizian Metzner, Lanier County, Jr.

LS – Landon Ledford, Wilcox County, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB – Rashod Brockington, Lanier County, Fr.

QB – Landon Ledford, Wilcox County, Sr.

RB – Desmond Tisdol, Wilcox County, So.

RB – Stephen Thomas, Irwin County, Sr.

RB – Javon Stanley, Irwin County, Jr.

WR – Seaquon Clark, Charlton County, So.

WR – Jetterion Morris, Turner County, So.

WR – Devan Snowden, Charlton County, Sr.

TE – Jack Thompson, Clinch County, Sr.

C – Lurnard Walker, Telfair County, Sr.

OL – Hilton Graham, Telfair County, Jr.

OL – Ahmad Johnson, Wilcox County, So.

OL – Luke Morgan, Irwin County, Jr.

OL – Kyree Williams, Charlton County, Sr.

OL – Zikieth Wimbley, Turner County, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL – Heyward Eady, Telfair County, So.

DL – Quevon Lawson, Turner County, Jr.

DL – Bryce Manning, Charlton County, Jr.

DL – Eric Milton, Charlton County, Jr.

DL – Johntavis Walker, Wilcox County, Sr.

LB – Eric Anderson, Irwin County, So.

LB – Cameo Blankenship, Telfair County, So.

LB – Gage Reed, Wilcox County, Sr.

LB – Tyrese Vail, Turner County, Sr.

LB – Danion Pollard, Irwin County, Jr.

LB – Jamal Paulk, Irwin County, So.

DB – Chad Miller, Irwin County, So.

DB – Aletan McKinney, Turner County, Jr.

DB – Keb Grady, Clinch County, Sr.

DB – Taiseng Brown, Atkinson County, So.

Second-team special teams

P – Warren Stovall, Clinch County, Sr.

PK – Zack Robbins, Clinch County, So.

LS – Langston Hendrix, Clinch County, Jr.

Honorable mention: Atkinson County – DB Demarcus Barnes, So.; OL Jorge Deleon, So.; WR Tyshun Jordan. Charlton County – LB Shawn Bolden, Sr.; RB Eric Daniels, Sr.; RB/LB Michael Elliott, Jr.; OL Tyler Cribb, Sr.; OL Grayson Carter, So.; DB Seaquon Clark, So.; DB Travon Greene, So.; DB Raykwon Anderson, Jr. Clinch County – C Langston Hendrix, Jr.; DL Duane Moore, Sr.; DL Ty Leverette, Sr.; LB Darius Dorsey, So.; DB Tyler Morehead, Fr. Irwin County – RB Davion Pollard, Jr.; RB Reid Fletcher, Sr.; C Kodie Spires, So.; DL Reshaad Robinson, Sr.; DL Jaelon Bivens, Jr. Lanier County – RB Willie Roberson, Jr.; Telfair County – WR Dareon Powell, Sr.; DL Jamical Zanders; WR Larrion Hamilton. Turner County – LB Jason Harris, Jr.; DB Demarcus Barnes, So. Wilcox County – WR Keyshawn Howard, So.; TE Branson Owens, Fr.; C Joel Jim, Sr.; DB Matt McAdoo, Fr.; DB Keyshawn Howard, So.

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