All-region teams: Heard’s Moreland voted top player in 5-AA


Here is the all-region team for 5-AA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: DB/WR Jaden Moreland, Heard County, Sr.

Offensive player of year: QB Emory Jones, Heard County, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Jonathan Leonard, Callaway, Sr.

First-team offense

QB – Emmanuel Mann, Jordan, Jr.

QB – Dy’javius Nathan, Spencer, Sr.

RB – Aaron Beasley, Heard County, Jr.

RB – D.J. Atkins, Callaway, Sr.

RB – Cartavious Bigsby, Callaway, So.

WR – Junior Hill, Jordan, Sr.

WR – Cory Calhoun, Spencer, Jr.

WR – Raqueito Leonard, Spencer, Sr.

WR – Jacob Freeman, Callaway, So.

WR – Courtney Williams, Callaway, Sr.

TE – Travis Traylor, Callaway, Sr.

TE – Toby Fordham, Temple, Sr.

OL – Kyle Burkhart, Temple, Sr.

OL – John Curtis, Callaway, Sr.

OL – Keiondre Jones, Callaway, Jr.

OL – Keshawn Cameron, Callaway, Jr.

OL – Michael Cheney, Heard County, Jr.

OL – Jaden Cameron, Heard County, Jr.

K – Noah Stephens, Callaway, Sr.

ATH/ST – Alijah Huzzie, Heard County, Jr.

Ironman – D.J. Winters, Temple, Sr.

Ironman – Qua Hines, Callaway, Jr.

First-team defense

DL – Robert Murray, Spencer, Jr.

DL – Aderrius Barron, Lamar County, So.

DL – George Rodriquez, Temple, Sr.

DL – Lichon Terrell, Callaway, Sr.

DL – David Urquilla, Heard County, Jr.

LB – Bryce Webster, Spencer, Sr.

LB – Zachaeus Sullivan, Temple, Sr.

LB – Michael Tenney, Lamar County, Sr.

LB – Telly Fanning, Callaway, Jr.

LB – Andrew Leak, Heard County, Jr.

DB – Fletcher Jordan, Spencer, Sr.

DB – Daimar Ivey, Temple, Jr.

DB – Rico Harden, Lamar County, So.

DB – Kobe Jackson, Callaway, Sr.

DB – DQ Wilkerson, Callaway, Sr.

DB – Kendez Goode, Heard County, Sr.

P – Diego Medina, Temple, Jr.

LS – Lawrence Thompson, Callaway, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB – Kedrick Ramsey, Callaway, Sr.

QB – Trey Johnson, Temple, Sr.

RB – Rico Harden, Lamar County, So.

RB – Carlton Williams, Spencer, Jr.

RB – D.J. Winters, Temple, Sr.

WR – Alijah Huzzie, Heard County, Jr.

WR – Wes Brooks, Callaway, Sr.

WR – Tray Dunson, Heard County, Jr.

WR – Rondez Fletcher, Lamar County, Sr.

TE – Sean Smith, Lamar County, Sr.

OL – Austin Bedsole, Jordan, Sr.

OL – Michael King, Lamar County, Sr.

OL – Onaje Wheatt, Spencer, Sr.

OL – Jaleen Moss, Callaway, Sr.

OL – Brenden Thompson, Heard County, Jr.

OL – Anthony Grayley, Heard County, Fr.

K – Jakab Moon, Heard County, Jr.

ATH/ST – Daiman Ivey, Temple, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL – Traqunan Davis, Jordan, Jr.

DL – Jamie Sellers, Callaway, Sr.

DL – Kevontae Fanning, Spencer, Jr.

DL – Trey Owens, Heard County, So.

DL – Nathan Sapp, Callaway, Jr.

LB – Victor Thomas, Jordan, Sr.

LB – Wesley Griffith, Temple, Sr.

LB – Miciah Austin, Heard County, So.

LB – David McQueen, Spencer, Sr.

LB – Keshawn Johnson, Heard County, So.

DB – Seth Jordan, Spencer, Sr.

DB – D’quandre Sullivan, Jordan, Sr.

DB – Cartez Echols, Temple, Sr.

DB – Courtney Williams, Callaway, Sr.

DB – Quentin Duke, Jordan, Sr.

DB – Aaron Beasley, Heard County, Jr.

P – Dawson Davis, Lamar County, Sr.

LS – Sean Smith, Lamar County, Sr.

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