All-region teams: Leary, Byck, Coney are players of year in 3-A


Here is the all-region team for 3-A, as voted by the league’s coaches:


Players of the year: RB/LB Jalen Leary, Calvary Day, Jr., and RB Adam Byck, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB Eric Davidson, Savannah Christian, Sr.

Athlete of the year: WR/DB J.P. Palmer, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Taequan Washington, Calvary Day, Sr.

First-team offense

QB – Denver Anthony, McIntosh County Academy, So.

RB – Craig Ware, Portal, Sr.

RB – Myles Freeman, Claxton, Jr.

OL – Jamie McClellan, Calvary Day, Sr.

OL – Dylan McMahon, Savannah Christian, Jr.

OL – Hoston Robinson, Claxton, Sr.

OL – Bachman Weaver, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

OL – Cam Evans, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

WR – Michael Campbell, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

WR – Grant Thomas, Calvary Day, Jr.

WR – DeVon Hagan, Claxton, Jr.

WR – Win Johns, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

TE – Christopher Pendleton, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

PK – Hawkins Pindar, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

First-team defense

DL – Robert Williams, Calvary Day, Sr.

DL – Doveon Hayward, Claxton, So.

DL – Clay Dekle, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

DL – Jay Harris, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DL – Syyid Stevens, Calvary Day, Jr.

DL – D’Quan Douse, Calvary Day, Jr.

DL – Andre’ Miller, Savannah Country Day, So.

LB – Christian Davis, Calvary Day, Sr.

LB – Jonathan Palmer, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

LB – Jalen Williams, Portal, Jr.

LB – Jason Hagan, Savannah Christian, Jr.

DB – Payne Drake, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DB – Craig Powell, Claxton, Sr.

DB – Jaydon Grant, Calvary Day, Jr.

DB – Nate Moon, Savannah Christian, So.

DB – Matthew Gompels, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

P – Noah Chumley, Savannah Christian, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB – Karon Taylor, Claxton, Fr.

QB – Jordan Grant, Savannah Christian, Jr.

RB – Kelstin Morgan, Claxton, Sr.

OL – Chandler Blackburn, Claxton, Sr.

OL – Fuches Lewis II, Calvary Day, Fr.

OL – Sawyer Smallwood, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

OL – Will Dekle, Savannah Country Day, Sr.

OL – Will Presley, Portal, Sr.

OL – Barrett McDonald, Savannah Christian, Sr.

OL – Colby Quinney, Savannah Christian, So.

OL – Courtney Jones, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

WR – Ron Williams, Portal, Sr.

WR – Don Grant, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

WR – Tykei Hines, Claxton, Fr.

WR – Marquell Brown, Savannah Christian, So.

WR – Nye Air Grant, Calvary Day, Jr.

TE – Vince Grassi, Calvary Day, Sr.

PK – Alan Gibbs, Calvary Day, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL – Nicholas Arrowood, Savannah Christian, Sr.

DL – Calton Bishop, Portal, Jr.

DL – Warren Brinson, Savannah Christian, So.

DL – Ryan Tabakian, Savannah Christian, Jr.

DE – Austin Anderson, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DE – James World, McIntosh County Academy, Sr.

DE – Wesely Hagins, Portal, Fr.

LB – Davis Gaylord, Calvary Day, Jr.

LB – Danny Carter, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

LB – CJ Nugara, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

LB – Dwayne Ruff, Calvary Day, Jr.

DB – Matthew Mims, Savannah Country Day, Jr.

DB – Devonta Brown, Portal, Jr.

DB – Omar Burroughs, Savannah Christian, Fr.

DB – Shakari Denson, Claxton, Fr.

DB – Jacob Lingle, McIntosh County Academy, Jr.

P – Jose Camacho, Claxton, Sr.


Player of the year: RB/LB Robert Coney, Jenkins County, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Brooks Norton, Johnson County, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: MLB Peyton Mercer, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

Athlete of the year: RB/DB Clayton Harvey, Montgomery County, Sr.

First-team offense

OL – Austin Sherrod, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

OL – Chandler Shockley, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

OL – Jake Martin, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

OL – Tyler Thompson, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

OL – Duren Wood, Johnson County, Sr.

OL – Bryce Joyner, Jenkins County, Sr.

QB – Kris Daniels, Montgomery County, Sr.

RB – Brandon Mackey, Wheeler County, Jr.

RB – Eric Dixon, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

RB – Tysean Carswell, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

WR – Shaw Robinson, Montgomery County, Sr.

WR – Bran Rawlings, Johnson County, Sr.

WR – Dazhun Steele, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

TE – Randon Hutcheson, Treutlen, Jr.

Athlete – Bobby McNear, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

First-team defense

DE – Curtis Fann, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

DE – Justin Wilkerson, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

DL – Jaheim Wilson, Montgomery County, So.

DL – Tyler Ellis, Jenkins County, Jr.

DL – Peter James, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

LB – Hunter Henry, Emanuel County Institute, Jr.

LB – Randy Shoemake, Montgomery County, Jr.

LB – Tristan Denmark, Montgomery County, Jr.

LB/DB – Jujuan Major, Jenkins County, So.

DB – DaQuan Jackson, Montgomery County, Jr.

DB – Torrence Parker, Wheeler County, Sr.

DB – George Bady, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

DB – Cody Collins, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

Special Team – John Joiner, Emanuel County Institute, So.

Special Team – Trevor Byrd, Treutlen, Jr.

Second-team offense

OL – Kam Wideman, Montgomery County, So.

OL – A’Viyen Anthony, Wheeler County, Sr.

OL – Bradley Marsh, Wheeler County, Jr.

OL – Garrison Underwood, Jenkins County, Sr.

OL – Cannon Griffin, Jenkins County, Sr.

OL – Mikey Milton, Treutlen, Jr.

QB – Sabo Mitchell, Treutlen, So.

RB – Tafarjae Jordan, Treutlen, Jr.

RB – Stefan Robertson, Jenkins County, Jr.

RB – Alroy Parham, Jenkins County, Jr.

WR – Jalen Brown, Johnson County, So.

WR – Ty Cannon, Johnson County, Jr.

WR – Pooh Davis, Johnson County, Jr.

TE – Ethan Stokes, Wheeler County, Jr.

Athlete – Andre Young, Jenkins County, Jr.

Second-team defense

DE – Cheney Knight, Jenkins County, Sr.

DE – Denez Foster, Wheeler County, Sr.

DL – Ty Snead, Johnson County, Jr.

DL – Jeremiah Pullens, Emanuel County Institute, So.

DL – Dominique Stephens, Jenkins County, Sr.

LB – Jarrett Hines, Johnson County, Sr.

LB – Chris Stone, Treutlen, Jr.

LB – Ty Evans, Jenkins County, Jr.

LB/DB – Zach Horton, Wheeler County, Jr.

DB – Raul Carillo, Emanuel County Institute, Sr.

DB – Kamron Jordan, Treutlen, So.

DB – John Shivers, Treutlen, Sr.

DB – Cam Brady, Jenkins County, Jr.

Special Team – Jake Edwards, Johnson County, Sr.

Special Team – Mitchell Kersey, Treutlen, Jr.

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