Maxwell Finals projections

Each game is listed showing the game rate, favorite, the expected winning percentage of the favored team, the projected margin, and the opponent.
The game rating is the rating required to win 50% of all games in an infinite round robin competition against the expected rating of the loser of the game, which favors games with highly rated and closely matched opponents.

All data is courtesy of the Georgia High School Football Historians Association.

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Dec 8


Game Rate Class Favorite Percent Margin Opponent Class
80.84 AAAAA Rome 84.2% 17 Warner Robins AAAAA
77.12 AAAAAA Lee County 52.4% 1 Coffee AAAAAA
70.60 AAA Peach County 70.7% 9 Calhoun AAA
60.58 A – Private Eagle’s Landing Christian 83.2% 16 Athens Academy A – Private

Dec 9


Game Rate Class Favorite Percent Margin Opponent Class
87.16 AAAAAAA North Gwinnett 59.0% 4 Colquitt County AAAAAAA
81.17 AA Rabun County 56.1% 3 Hapeville Charter AA
77.37 AAAA Marist 59.9% 4 Blessed Trinity AAAA
51.74 A – Public Irwin County 54.2% 2 Clinch County A – Public

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