All-region teams: Ridgeland’s Montgomery named 6-AAAA’s top player


Here is the all-region team for 6-AAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: RB/DB Markeith Montgomery, Ridgeland, Sr.

Co-offensive player of the year: WR Luke Grant, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

Co-offensive player of the year: RB Jalyn Shelton, Ridgeland, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Zaine Burton, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

Lineman of the year: DE Derayl Helton, Ridgeland, Sr.

Athlete of the year: WR/DB Ryan Carter, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

Coach of the year: Wesley Tankersley, Ridgeland

First-team offense

QB – Jacob Brumby, Pickens, Sr.

RB – Dominique Sistrunk, Northwest Whitfield, Jr.

RB – Robert Davis, Pickens, Jr.

WR – Oscar Gonzalez, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

WR – Zach Goss, Pickens, Jr.

WR – Stephon Walker, Ridgeland, Jr.

ATH – Landon Eaton, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

TE – Jordan Tucker, Ridgeland, Sr.

OL – Tanner Floyd, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

OL – Aidan Sanchez, Pickens, So.

OL – Fred Norman, Ridgeland, Jr.

OL – Austin Garner, Ridgeland, Sr.

OL – Jose Chavarria, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

K – Conner Middleton, Ridgeland, So.

First-team defense

DL – Luke Johns, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

DL – Elijah Foshay, Ridgeland, Sr.

DL – Jordan Tucker, Ridgeland, Sr.

DL – Zac Goins, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

DL – Ridge Perkins, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

LB – Tim Bowman, Ridgeland, Sr.

LB – Jordan Blackwell, Ridgeland, So.

LB – Jamarey Hull, Northwest Whitfield, Jr.

LB – Hank Weldon, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

DB – Azavier Blackwell, Ridgeland, Jr.

DB – Jordan Hughley, Ridgeland, Jr.

DB – Trey Ramsey, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

DB – Seth Godfrey, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

P – Jeffery Curtis, Heritage (Ringgold), Jr.

Second-team offense

QB – Blake Bryan, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

QB – Porter Johnson, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

RB – Christian Gillespie, Southeast Whitfield, So.

RB – Dakota Cathey, LaFayette, Sr.

WR – Josh Cain, Pickens, Sr.

WR – Alex Snelgrove, Pickens, So.

WR – Blake Buntin, Gilmer, Sr.

ATH – C.J. Streicher, Pickens, So.

ATH – Trevon Hawkins, Pickens, Jr.

OL – Derrick Gibson, Heritage (Ringgold), So.

OL – Braden Smith, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

OL – Logan Godfrey, Ridgeland, So.

OL – John Green, LaFayette, Jr.

OL – Chad Pacas, Pickens, So.

K – Vicente Vaca, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL – Jon Tant, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.

DL – James Brock, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

DL – Lavarious Hood, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

LB – Terrance Roberts, Ridgeland, So.

LB – Josiah Hastey, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

LB – Hunter Hermann, Pickens, Jr.

LB – Jonah Hobbs, LaFayette, Sr.

LB – Jeffery Curtis, Heritage (Ringgold), Jr.

DB – C.J. Shackelford, Heritage (Ringgold), Sr.

DB – Austin Rodgers, LaFayette, Jr.

DB – Austin Brock, Southeast Whitfield, Jr.

DB – Shawn Wilson, Ridgeland, Jr.

P – Michael Burrell, Pickens, Jr.

Honorable mention: Brady Moore, Pickens, So.; Kaleb Ray, Pickens, Jr.; Dallas McHale, Pickens, So.; Boz Gayden, Pickens, So.; Zach Swaim, Pickens, Sr.; Jay Jones, Pickens, So.; Tanner Hill, Ridgeland, Jr.; Gabe McDonald, Ridgeland, Sr.; Torrance Roberts, Ridgeland, So.; Chris Bivins, Ridgeland; Logan Halenar, Ridgeland; Ryan Weeks, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.; Chase Burton, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.; Chase Humble, Northwest Whitfield, So.; Hunter Reece, Northwest Whitfield, Sr.; Daylin Young, Northwest Whitfield; Jon Conner, Northwest Whitfield; Jaret Staten, Northwest Whitfield; Seth Henderson, Northwest Whitfield; Noah Boaz, Heritage, Sr.; Chase Crosslin, Heritage, Sr.; Carson Sherrill, Heritage, Sr.; Avery Bertolini, Gilmer, Jr.; Jonas Griggs, Gilmer, Jr.; David Smith, Gilmer, Jr.; Nathan Carpenter, Gilmer, Fr.; Taylor Brogdon, Gilmer, Jr.; Dylan Ellington, Gilmer, So.; Tyson Elliott, Gilmer, Jr.; Jace McClure, Gilmer, So.; Luke Morgan, Gilmer, So.; Grizzley Breedlove, Gilmer, Sr.; Brett Bennett, Gilmer, Jr.; Tyler Beard, LaFayette, Sr.; Colton Lane, LaFayette, Jr.; Jack Martin, LaFayette, Jr.; Andrew Pendergrass, LaFayette, Jr.; Vyshonn Daniel, LaFayette, Jr.; Max Studdard, LaFayette, So.; Luis Laguna, Southeast Whitfield, So.; Zac Cole, Southeast Whitfield, Jr.; Ivan Ramirez, Southeast Whitfield, Jr.; Kade Lentych, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.; Jesus Franco, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.; Sammy Soto, Southeast Whitfield, So.; Matt Jennings, Southeast Whitfield, Sr.

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