All-region teams: Griffin’s Taylor named 3-AAAAA player of the year

Here is the all-region team for 3-AAAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: DB Malik Taylor, Griffin, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Joey DeLuca, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: MLB Karlen Samples, Fayette County, Sr.

Athlete of the year: Jimmy Callaway, Morrow, So.

Coach of the year: Chad Phillips, Starr’s Mill

First-team offense

QB – Dane Kinamon, McIntosh, Jr.

RB – Mitchell Prowant, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

RB – Bradley Ector, McIntosh, Sr.

RB – Miles Montgomery, Whitewater, Sr.

WR – Shondarius Mayes, Griffin, Sr.

WR – Darwin Burgess Jr., Riverdale, Fr.

Y – Jaylin Lay, Riverdale, Jr.

OL – Justin Sanders, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

OL – Andrew Fierbaugh, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

OL – Miles Langston, Whitewater, Sr.

OL – Zach Outhavang, Whitewater, Sr.

OL – Javante Chapman, Morrow, Sr.

K – Michael Lantz, Starr’s Mill, Jr.

First-team defense

DL – Mike Webb, Griffin, Jr.

DL – Willie Lewis, Griffin, Sr.

DL – Sylas Foster, Griffin, Sr.

DL – Dante Walker, Riverdale, Jr.

LB – Larry Corbin, Griffin, Jr.

LB – Tim Alford, Griffin, Sr.

LB – Ahmad Ragland, McIntosh, Sr.

DB – Jamal Hill, Morrow, Jr.

DB – JaLuntray Hunter, Griffin, Sr.

DB – Antonio Bankston, Griffin, Sr.

DB – DeAndre Wade, McIntosh, Sr.

P – Ryan Sanders, McIntosh, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB – Maddox Mueller, Whitewater, Sr.

RB – Jalil Dabney, Fayette County, Sr.

RB – Kenneth Robinson, Morrow, Fr.

RB – Cole Gilley, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

WR – Reggie Booker, Fayette County, Sr.

WR – David Westmoreland, Griffin, Sr.

Y – Shane Leinberger, Fayette County, Jr.

OL – Grayson Bullard, Whitewater, Sr.

OL – Hiram James, Morrow, Sr.

OL – Luke Davis, Griffin, Jr.

OL – Cam Walter, McIntosh, Sr.

OL – Ryan Siegel, McIntosh, Jr.

K – Aaron Hauck, Fayette County, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL – Coltin Houser, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

DL – Wykevious Thomas, Riverdale, Sr.

DL – Drequan Spruill, Morrow, Sr.

DL – Kordarius Ray, Griffin, Sr.

LB – Fredrick Wright, Morrow, Sr.

LB – Dalton Goodman, Whitewater, Sr.

LB – Charlie Mizzell, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

DB – Jamal Jenkins, Whitewater, Sr.

DB – Hunter Williams, Whitewater, Sr.

DB – Bryan McIver, Fayette County, Sr.

DB – Philip Pfaffman, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

P – Ryan Cockes, Starr’s Mill, Sr.

Honorable mention: RB Phalon Daniels, Riverdale; OL Dezmeon Clemons, Riverdale; LB Chris King, Riverdale; DL Pearce Brown, Riverdale; DL LeMarcus Washington, Riverdale; RB Kyris Barnett, Whitewater; WR Nolan Wallace, Whitewater; OL Jake Burns, Whitewater; LB Grayson Samples, Whitewater; LB Will Lewis, Whitewater; DL Phillip Stout, Whitewater; DL Donovan Stai, Whitewater; RB Corey Andrews, Fayette County; OL Aric Yelverton, Fayette County; LB Jaylan Coleman, Fayette County; LB Jerad Nedd, Fayette County; TE Trey Williams, McIntosh; OL Jake Ellis, McIntosh; DL Eathan Ange, McIntosh; LB Ryan Sanders, McIntosh; RB Ryan Cate, McIntosh; QB Aviois Nelson, Griffin; LB Xavier Friloux, Griffin; DB Jaiden Allen, Griffin; DB Arnijac Stroud, Griffin; OL Wydarius Andrews, Griffin; WR Jamoi Maves, Griffin; DB Jayson Greer, Morrow; RB Tabious Clemmons, Morrow; DB Jaylen Williams, Morrow; LB Brandon Giles, Morrow; OL Chris Horn, Morrow; OL Kendall Shivas, Morrow; LB Owen Blas, Morrow; QB Kris Clark, Morrow; DL Dominick Dewberry, Morrow; RB Nick Brown, Starr’s Mill; RB Khalen Sims, Starr’s Mill; WR Brandon Rew, Starr’s Mill; OL Endrit Hoti, Starr’s Mill; OL Hunter Fenton, Starr’s Mill; OL Aubrey Mitchell, Starr’s Mill; DL Austin Schriver, Starr’s Mill

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