All-region teams: Cartersville’s Lawrence named top player in 5-AAAA

Cartersville’s Trevor Lawrence has broken the state career records for passing yards and passing touchdowns. (Chad Rhym/

Here is the all-region team for 5-AAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Player of the year: QB Trevor Lawrence, Cartersville, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: QB Trevon Wofford, Cedartown, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB JaCorey Johns, Cartersville, Sr.

Ironman Award (two-way player): OL/DL Cruz Rodriguez, Cedartown, Sr.

Special teams player of the year: PK/P Jonathan Cruz, Cartersville, Sr.

First team offense

QB – Montez Crowe, Troup, Sr.

RB – Rico Frye, Cartersville, Sr.

RB – Jordan Clark, Sandy Creek, Sr.

TE – Jackson Lowe, Cartersville, Jr.

WR – Jamari Thrash, Troup, Jr.

WR – T.J. Horton, Cartersville, Sr.

WR – Tyre Shelton, Chapel Hill, Sr.

WR – Josh McClendon, Central (Carrollton), Sr.

WR – Kobe Hudson, Troup, So.

OL – Joe Thorton, LaGrange, Sr.

OL – Nick Root, Cartersville, Sr.

OL – Sam Barczak, Sandy Creek, Sr.

OL – Bryce Wilkins, Cartersville, Sr.

OL – Steven Howard, Cedartown, Sr.

First-team defense

DL – Darian Poellnitz, Cartersville, Sr.

DL – Taylor Hodge, Sandy Creek, Sr.

DL – Joseph Gibbons, Cedartown, Sr.

DL – Nick Fulwider, Sandy Creek, Sr.

DL – King Mwikuta, Troup, Jr.

LB – Nyvin Nelson, Cartersville, Sr.

LB – JoCo Willis, Troup, Jr.

LB – T.J. Peavy, Sandy Creek, Sr.

LB – Vondez Taylor, LaGrange, Jr.

DB – Marko Dudley, Cartersville, So.

DB – Keshawn Kent, Cedartown, Sr.

DB – LaCory Ryals, Sandy Creek, Sr.

DB – Miles Richardson, Chapel Hill, Jr.

DB – Maccenta Stafford, Troup, Sr.

Special teams

K – Carson Wreyford, Troup

P – Kameron Brown, Central (Carrollton), Sr.

RET – Tony Mathis, Cedartown, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB – K.J. Burton, Chapel Hill, Jr.

RB – Tony Mathis, Cedartown, Jr.

RB – Malcolm Brown, Central (Carrollton), Sr.

TE – Kenley Bridwell, Troup, Sr.

WR – Amin Shaheed, Sandy Creek, Sr.

WR – E.J. Turner, Cartersville, Sr.

WR – JKobe Orr, Cartersville, Sr.

WR – Joseph Gibbons, Cedartown, Sr.

OL – Ross Helton, Central (Carrollton), So.

OL – Seth Adams, Troup, Sr.

OL – Demetrious Winters, Cartersville, Sr.

OL – Tim Brown, Cedartown, Jr.

OL – Josh Battle, Sandy Creek, So.

Second-team defense

DL – Ethan Lee, Central (Carrollton), So.

DL – Kobe Pryor, Cedartown, So.

DL – Micah Cockfield, Chapel Hill, Sr.

LB – Tyree Blocker, Central (Carrollton), Sr.

LB – Cameron McClain, Chapel Hill, Jr.

LB – Dexter Fitzpatrick, LaGrange, Jr.

LB – Kevin Martin, Troup, Jr.

DB – T.J. Shelton, Chapel Hill, Jr.

DB – Jakoby Smith, LaGrange, Jr.

DB – Nicholas Toomer, Sandy Creek, Jr.

DB – Derek Wright, Central (Carrollton), Sr.

Honorable mention

QB Matthew Williams, Sandy Creek, So; RB Tyree Carlise, Troup, Jr.; RB Cornell Kendrick, LaGrange, Sr.; RB Josh Milfort, Chapel Hill, Jr.; RB Rashad Amos, Sandy Creek, So.; RB Braden Dunson, Central (Carroll), So.; TE C.J. Scott, LaGrange, Sr.; TE Till Garvin, Sandy Creek, Jr; WR Jordan Ogletree, LaGrange, Jr.; WR Mark Anthony Dixon, Troup, So.; WR Jarell Smith, Troup, So.; WR Keyshawn Kent, Cedartown, Sr.; WR Ahmad Jackson, Sandy Creek, So.; OL Alex Corrigan, Cartersville, Sr.; OL Kaden Taylor, Central (Carrollton), Sr.; OL Sam Sauls, Central (Carrollton), Sr.; OL Hunter Bass, Troup, Jr.; OL Colby Harry, Troup, Jr.; OL Josh Wood, Central (Carrollton), Jr.; OL Tyrese Thornton, LaGrange, Sr.; OL Ethan Caldwell, Central (Carrollton), Sr.; OL Will Pilgrim, Cedartown, So.; OL Garrett Knight, Cartersville, Sr.; OL Gabe Hubbard, Troup, Jr.; OL Jay Brodie Messer, Troup, Jr.; DL Jake Richards, Cartersville, Sr.; DL Andy Boykin, Troup, So.; DL Bradyn Swinson, Chapel Hill, So.; DL Jeremiah Holloway, LaGrange, Sr.; LB Dylan Henderson, Cartersville, Sr.; LB Grant Harris, Cartersville, Sr.; LB Carson Murray, Cartersville, Sr.; LB Dakota Mason, Cedartown, Sr.; LB Chadriq Neal, Cedartown, So.; LB Detrick Tucker, Troup, Sr.; LB Daz Williams, LaGrange, Sr.; LB Kevin Burton, Chapel Hill, Jr.; LB Jack Bylsma, Sandy Creek, Sr.; LB Fedarian Williams, Central (Carrollton), Sr.; LB Jack Dyer, Central (Carrollton), So.; DB Marquail Coaxum, Cartersville, So.; DB Alonzo Ogletree, Troup, Jr.; DB LaQuincy Sheperd, LaGrange, Jr.; DBB Chris Watson, LaGrange, Sr.; DB Malik LeBlanc, Chapel Hill, Sr.; DB Brian Branch, Sandy Creek, So.; DB TJ Martin, Cedartown, Sr.; DB Zaquan Frazier, Cedartown, Jr.; DB Jamarcus Strange, Central (Carrollton), Sr.; DB Bradley Kirk, Cartersville; DB Evan Williams, Cartersville.

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