Best player in school history: Region 1-AAAAA teams

Former Harris County and University of Georgia player Jordan Jenkins is now an outside linebacker with the New York Jets. (AJC photo)

It’s a region of only five teams, but there’s enough material in 1-AAAAA’s history books for a nice little museum.

Charlie Ward won a Heisman Trophy and national title at Florida State. He was the Class AAA offensive player of the year at Thomas County Central (then known as Central of Thomasville) in 1987. Ward led the Yellow Jackets to two region titles and state semifinal appearances.

James Brooks played for the 1976 Warner Robins team that many consider the greatest in Georgia history. The best Warner Robins player is a toss-up between him and his teammate Ron Simmons, who was a consensus All-American at Florida State and later the WCW world heavyweight wrestling champion. Brooks played 12 seasons in the NFL and made the Pro Bowl four times. That ’76 Warner Robins team that also featured the late Jimmy Womack outscored its opponents 614-86.

Ken Rice was the No. 1 pick in both the NFL and AFL drafts in 1960 and was an all-star his rookie year with the Buffalo Bills. Rice, from Bainbridge, was an All-American at Auburn.

Harris County’s representative, Jordan Jenkins, is an outside linebacker with the New York Jets, a former third-round NFL Draft pick out of Georgia.

And for now, Cortez Broughton from 8-year-old Veterans is glad to be in their company. But Broughton is pretty good, too. He’s is an all-conference defensive tackle at Cincinnati and probably his team’s best defensive player this season.

Here are GHSF Daily’s choices for the best players in the history of the current Region 1-AAAAA schools.

*Bainbridge: Ken Rice (1956)

*Harris County: Jordan Jenkins (2011)

*Thomas County Central: Charlie Ward (1987)

*Veterans: Cortez Broughton (2013)

*Warner Robins: James Brooks (1976)

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