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All-region teams: Foster, Eldridge named top players in 7-AA

A Whitefield player warms up before a high school football game against Mount Paran Christian, Friday, Aug. 28, 2015, in Kennesaw, Ga.

Branden Camp/Special to the AJC.

Here is the all-region team for 7-AA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Offensive player of the year: QB Isaac Foster, Chattooga, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Kyler Eldridge, Model, Sr.

First-team offense

QB – Isaac Foster, Chattooga, Sr.

QB – Markus Smith, Rockmart, So.

RB – Tae Hammond, Pepperell, Sr.

RB – Chris Dublin, Model, Sr.

RB – Isaiah Foster, Chattooga, Sr.

WR – Duke Blackburn, Coosa, Sr.

WR – TJ Watkins, Pepperell, Sr.

TE – Isaiah Curtis, Chattooga, Sr.

TE – Stephen Finley, Model, Sr.

OL – Mike Adams, Chattooga, Sr.

OL – Hinton Bolinger, Pepperell, Sr.

OL – Hunter Hayes, Model, Sr.

OL – Armand Ford, Chattooga, Sr.

OL – Latrez El-Amin, Coosa, Sr.

OL – Kerrion Woolfork, Rockmart, Sr.

K – Ramiro Alanis, Pepperell, So.

P – Evan Burger, Model, Sr.

First-team defense

DL – Jamal Davis, Rockmart, Sr.

DL – TJ Adams, Chattooga, Jr.

DL – Mason O’Neal, Coosa, Jr.

DL – Tyler Thapa, Dade, Sr.

DL – BJ Williams, Pepperell, Sr.

LB – Braden Adams, Pepperell, Sr.

LB – Ridge Blackwell, Rockmart, Jr.

LB – Kyler Eldrige, Model, Sr.

LB – Lee Spencer, Dade County, Jr.

OLB – Maliki Mack, Chattooga, So.

OLB – Tileem Overton, Rockmart, Fr.

OLB – Stephen Finley, Model, Sr.

DB – Morgan Sims, Rockmart, Sr.

DB – Isaac Foster, Chattooga, Sr.

DB – Markus Smith, Rockmart, So.

DB – Chris Dublin, Model, Sr.

DB – Connor Chandler, Pepperell, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB – Kyler Eldrige, Model, Sr.

QB – Trevor Thomas, Pepperell, Jr.

RB – Morgan Sims, Rockmart, Sr.

RB – D’Lante McClain, Rockmart, Jr.

WR – Kidron Ford, Model, So.

WR – Kolby Adams, Rockmart, Sr.

TE – JJ Jones, Rockmart, Sr.

TE – Tyler Thapa, Dade County, Sr.

OL – Dustin Pope, Chattooga, Jr.

OL – Andrew Lopez, Pepperell, Sr.

OL – Chase Shepard, Armuchee, Sr.

OL – Jacob Anderson, Dade County, Sr.

OL – Jay Hinkle, Rockmart, Jr.

K – CJ Martin, Chattooga, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL – Quincy Allen, Rockmart, Jr.

DL – Dwayne Digsby, Pepperell, Sr.

DL – Quentel Price, Chattooga, Jr.

DL – Donte Williams, Rockmart, So.

LB – Nick Groce, Chattooga, Sr.

LB – Jordon Worfford, Model, Sr.

LB – JC Burkett, Armuchee, Jr.

OLB – Kwalic Dublin, Model, So.

OLB – Tyler Griffen, Chattooga, Sr.

OLB – Chandler Hubbard, Coosa, Jr.

OLB – Hunter Chastain, Pepperell, Sr.

DB – Jake Ross, Pepperell, Sr.

DB – Nick Hawkins, Chattooga, Sr.

DB – Cam Perry, Chattooga, Sr.

DB – Cameron Penn, Coosa, Sr.

DB – Evan Burger, Model, Sr.

Honorable mention: QB Branson Towe, Gordon Central, Jr.; QB Dylan Bailey, Rockmart, So.; RB Lee Spencer, Dade County, Jr.; RB Jacob Henderson, Armuchee, Jr.; RB Zbrion Whatley, Rockmart, So.; WR Tamalachi Loveless, Armuchee, Sr.; WR Thomas Reese, Armuchee, Sr.; WR Nic Peach, Model, Sr.; TE Kamen Harris, Armuchee, Sr.; OL Mason O’Neal, Coosa, Jr.; OL Cade Holder, Rockmart, Jr.; OL Deacon Allen, Rockmart, Fr.; OL Luc Culver, Rockmart, Sr.; OL Liam Clay, Model, Jr.; OL Austin Shortnacy, Model, Sr.; OL Brian Tanner, Pepperell, Jr.; OL Adam Eickleberry, Pepperell, Sr.; DL Hunter Hayes, Model, Sr.; DL DJ McCluskey, Pepperell, Sr.; DL Tucker McCoy, Coosa, So.; DL Sean Brown, Coosa, So.; DL Hayden Smith, Model, Jr.; LB Gavin Hughes, Coosa, So.; LB Jacob Henderson, Armuchee, Jr.; LB Jack Bennett, Pepperell, So.; OLB Tyreke Cummings, Rockmart, Sr.; OLB Jordon Green, Gordon Central, Jr.; DB Zabrion Whatley, Rockmart, So.; DB Cameron Miles, Pepperell, So.; DB Blake Milam, Pepperell, Jr.

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