All-region teams: Newton, Baker earn top honors in 6-AAAAA

A Whitefield player warms up before a high school football game against Mount Paran Christian, Friday, Aug. 28, 2015, in Kennesaw, Ga.

Branden Camp/Special to the AJC.

Here is the all-region team for 6-AAAAA, as voted by the league’s coaches:

Offensive player of the year: QB Caylin Newton, Grady, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Trevion Baker, Carver, Sr.

Coach of the year: Earthwind Moreland, Grady

Rookies of the year: RB Jo’Quavious Marks, Carver, Fr.; and LB Avante Ross, Grady, Sr.

First-team offense

QB – Octavious Battle, Carver, Jr.

RB – Justin Ruiz, North Springs, Sr.

WR – Jacquez Sloan, Grady, Sr.

WR – Ravion Hayden, North Springs, Sr.

TE – Kemari Averett, Grady, Sr.

OL – Brandon Kemp, Grady, Sr.

OL – Jaelin Whitt, Grady, Sr.

OL – Justin Spinks Moxey, Carver, Sr.

OL – Amir Atwood, North Springs, Sr.

OL – Maurice Jones Jr., Jackson, Sr.

ATH – Roderick Hammonds, Jackson, Jr.

First-team defense

DL – Amir Atwood, North Springs, Sr.

DL – Jatavius Ponder, Carver, Jr.

DL – Antonio Phipps, Banneker, Sr.

DL – Dearies Wilson, Decatur, Jr.

LB – Isaiah Mitchell, Carver, Jr.

LB – Nate Harding, North Springs, Jr.

LB – Jake Broom, Decatur, Jr.

Hybrid – Jahvon Millard, North Springs, Jr.

Hybrid – Avante Ross, Grady, Sr.

CB – Adrian Rucker, Jackson, Sr.

CB – DiMarcus Clay, Grady, Sr.

S – Quindarious Monday, Carver, Jr.

S – Cencere Mason, Grady, Sr.

First-team pecial teams

PK – Jack Breedlove, Jackson, So.

P – Michael Keener, Lithia Springs, Sr.

KR – Quentin Gates, Carver, Sr.

PR – Cincere Mason, Grady, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB – Rees Veirson, North Springs, Sr.

RB – Quentin Gates, Carver, Sr.

WR – Kenneth Atkins, Carver, Sr.

WR – Reshad Jordan, Jackson, So.

TE – Avery Bond, Banneker, Sr.

OL – Evan Watts, Lithia Springs, Sr.

OL – Deontrez Edwards, Carver, Sr.

OL – Travis Dixon, Carver, Jr.

OL – Devontae Caldwell, Carver, Sr.

OL – Seth Wolfe, Grady, Sr.

ATH – Quindarious Monday, Carver, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL – Gralyn Stokes, North Springs, Jr.

DL – Aaron Harris, Riverwood, Sr.

DL – Darius Stegal, Lithia Springs, Jr.

DL – Soloman Mosley, Carver, Jr.

LB – Jalen Willingham, North Springs, Jr.

LB – John Beckley, Riverwood, Sr.

LB – Jaylin Williams, Banneker, So.

Hybrid – Kyun Boston, Lithia Springs, Sr.

Hybrid – Hassan Hall, Jackson, Jr.

CB – Malik Miles, Carver, Sr.

CB – Milton Woodward, Riverwood, Sr.

CB – Cortez Roberts, North Springs, Sr.

S – Neiko Slaughter, Decatur, Fr.

S – Eszinuel Davis, Carver, Sr.

Second-team special teams

PK – Rees Viersen, North Springs, Sr.

P – Jake Broom, Decatur, Jr.

KR – Rashad Jordan, Jackson, So.

PR – Jerome Chisom, Lithia Springs, Sr.

Honorable mention: QB Brennen Suttle, Riverwood, Sr.; RB Jerkevion Goodloe, Lithia Springs, Sr.; RB Trey Young, Riverwood, So.; RB Gary Benton, Banneker, So.; RB Anthony Odoms, Carver, So.; RB Jeffery Black, Grady, Sr.; RB Tavorus Noland, Jackson, Sr.; RB Demonte Cosby, Jackson, Jr.; WR DeAnthony Ball, Carver, So.; WR Marquis Colzie, Jackson, Jr.; WR Aaron Hudson, Grady, Sr.; WR Quinton Dukes Johnson, Carver, Jr.; WR Joshua Vinson, North Springs, Sr.; WR Nick Keou, North Springs, So.; WR Marquez Dix, Lithia Springs, Sr.; WR Coby Decatur, Webb.; TE Traven Roberts, Jackson, Sr.; TE Cooper Almire, Riverwood, Sr.; TE Noah Smith, Carver, Fr.; ATH Arthur Burrell, Riverwood, Sr.; ATH Davyon Dukes, Lithia Springs, So.; OL Justin Miller, Riverwood, Jr.; OL Wesley Mills, Riverwood, Sr.; OL Temesgen Yohannes, Decatur, So.; OL Adonai Parsons, Banneker, Jr.; OL Chris Hatcher, Banneker, So.; OL Stanley Jackson, North Springs, Jr.; OL Tahmaj Faust, North Springs, Jr.; OL Jorge Gonzales, North Springs, So.; OL Jonathan Strickland, Carver, Jr.; OL Silas Scott, Carver, Sr.; OL Lindon Ross, Lithia Springs, Jr.; OL Freedom Callaway, Jackson, Sr.; OL Jacob Fuller, Jackson, Jr.; OL Dateton Dale, Jackson, So.; OL Walter Sherrer, Banneker, So.; OL JaMario Collins, Banneker, So.; OL Jack Kurlander, Riverwood, Jr.; DL Peter Bowden, Grady, Jr.; DL Contravious Wise, Carver, Jr.; DL John Peace, Grady, Sr.; DL Gwendale Turner, Carver, Jr.; DL Vashon Bledsoe, Banneker, Sr.; DL Zahzee White, North Springs, So.; LB Cameron Campbell, Grady, Jr.; LB Jaylen Rivers, Grady, Jr.; LB Reggie Collier, Riverwood, Sr.; LB Prince Gaines, Riverwood, Jr.; LB Reggie Norwood, Riverwood, Sr.; LB Jermaine Harkness, Decatur, Jr.; LB Malik Warren-Pettigrew, Carver, Sr.; LB DreQuan Eason, Banneker, So.; DL Marzaveon Dix, Lithia Springs, Jr.; DL Reshad Pate, Jackson, So.; DL Zyon Brown, Jackson, Sr.; DL Carlton Brown, Carver, So.; DL John Davis, Jackson, Sr.; DL Jaron Jones, Lithia Springs, Sr.; LB Lyntavious Tucker, Jackson, So.; LB Rocquez Thomas, Jackson, Jr.; LB Tray Johnson, Jackson, Sr.; LB Antonio Suarez, North Springs, Sr.; LB Carson Crouse, Decatur, Sr.; DB Kamani Priddie, Riverwood, Jr.; DB Eddie Thomas, Carver, Jr.; DB Tarque Dennis, Banneker, Jr.; DB Reese White, Riverwood, So.; DB Yakez Edmonds, Carver, Sr.; DB Dion Watkins, North Springs, Sr.; DB Kahari Crooms, Carver, Jr.; DB Jaquavious Epps, Banneker, Sr.; DB Juwan Woodall, Jackson, Jr.; DB Antardis Ballard, Jackson, Jr.; DB Trevon Pope, Banneker, So.; DB Bryquise Brown, Lithia Springs, So.; K Adrian Pizano, Carver, Sr.; K Edgar Rancon, Lithia Springs, Sr.

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