Posted: 8:20 am Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Four Questions with Creekview coach Terry Crowder 

By Todd Holcomb

GHSF Daily asked Georgia head coaches to answer these four questions. We’ll report from a different head coach each day.

1. Who is/was the most influential person in your coaching career?“The late Alan Fahring. While I was attending the University of Arkansas, Coach Fahring was the head coach at Fayetteville High School. He hired me as a student coach. I was nothing but a gopher. Worked for him for three years doing whatever he would let me. In 1990, he took over North Gwinnett and brought me with him. Everything I do every day has been influenced by Coach Fahring.”

2. Who is the best Georgia player you ever faced?“Kevin Ellison, the QB for Georgia Southern and former QB for Habersham Central. Never seen as explosive a kid as Kevin. Every game we watched on film he did something amazing. We beat Habersham in the 2011 first round 65-48 and felt lucky. Never stopped him, but nobody else did either. I believe they averaged 45 points a game.”

3. What is the best team you ever faced as a coach?“While at Burke County, we played Thomas County Central for the state championship [1997]. I broke down 15 games defensively and never saw them punt. They beat us 21-19, and we never made them punt. Absolutely the best offensive team I have ever seen.”

4. If you were Gary Phillips, the new head of the GHSA, what would be the first rule that you would try to change?“There needs to be something done with the highest classification – AAAAAA. The disparity with the largest 30 or so schools and the rest is just too great. For a team with 1,800 kids to try to compete with those that have 3,000 is unrealistic and unfair.”

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   Play the regular season in region, out of region, in state. out of state, ie Florida, Bama S Carolina who cares just play. Then use the "Dreaded" Computer points. Similar to OHIO more points for playing bigger schools winning and not beating AA , AAA or AAAA schools. This makes it interesting because you now cheer for teams that you have beaten to raise your point total. Think football Amway style. 

   Twenty some team playoff using only teams with winning records and or the OHIO way of a certain level of points garnered up to make the playoffs. 

 Start playing playoff games only on Saturdays.  Travel reasons. GHSA pays the gas money for the teams driving over 50 miles. 

  Now Ohio uses neutral sites to cut down on one team having to travel a long distance . I am not a fan of that but it is up to the GHSA and they will make the right choice. LOL

 Problem solved ! 

      Other sports other than swimming and track you are on your own. You can use times and distance thrown or jumped at certain REAL meets for track and swimming. Track state with throwers is a joke you can win boys region with  say a 35 foot throw and get to go to state. Whereas another thrower throwing say 45 feet is 3rd in his region having a bad day and throwing under his best can not go to the state cause he was 3rd. So the 30 foot thrower has no hope of winning unless all the other throwers are DQed ..... Waste of time....Ridiculous ! ! !  I had to sit watch better throwers with at least a realist chance of winning doing nothing but watching. GHSA needs its collective heads examined. 


What changes would Coach Crowder like to see to AAAAAA in regards to "disparity"?  Surely he does not propose a class with 30 teams?  Lowndes and Camden would have to drive to Atlanta every week and vice versa.  Lots of people complain about AAAAAA but no one has constructive ideas for a fix.