Posted: 12:55 am Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

AAAAAA first-round update: Draw is set 

By Todd Holcomb

Class AAAAAA First-Round Matchups –

Congratulations to region champions crowned on Wednesday – Pebblebrook’s boys and McEachern’s girls (Region 4), North Gwinnett’s boys and Norcross’ girls (Region 7) and Berkmar’s boys and Archer’s girls (Region 8).

Teams on the left will be at home. If you see errors, please post a message. This is unofficial.


R4#1 Pebblebrook vs. R2#4 Rockdale County

R1#2 Brunswick vs. R3#3 Westlake

R2#1 Luella vs. R4#4 Campbell

R3#2 Newnan vs. R1#3 Coffee

R3 #1 Douglas County vs. R1 #4 Valdosta

R2 #2 Newton vs. R4 #3 Hillgrove

R1 #1 Tift County vs. R3 #4 Tri-Cities

R4 #2 South Cobb vs. R2 #3 Lovejoy

R5 #1 Wheeler vs. R7 #4 Peachtree Ridge

R8 #2 Shiloh vs. R6 #3 Chattahoochee

R7 #1 North Gwinnett vs. R5 #4 Etowah

R6 #2 Lambert vs. R8 #3 Grayson

R6 #1 Alpharetta vs. R8 #4 Dacula

R7 #2 Norcross vs. R5 #3 Milton

R8 #1 Berkmar vs. R6 #4 Johns Creek

R5 #2 Walton vs. R7 #3 Duluth


R4#1 McEachern vs. R2#4 Rockdale County

R1#2 Brunswick vs. R3#3 Hughes

R2#1 Newton vs. R4#4 North Cobb

R3#2 Douglas County vs. R1#3 Colquitt County

R3 #1 Westlake vs. R1 #4 Tift County

R2 #2 Luella vs. R4 #3 Marietta

R1 #1 Lowndes vs. R3 #4 Newnan

R4 #2 Hillgrove vs. R2 #3 Alcovy

R5 #1 Woodstock vs. R7 #4 Mountain View

R8 #2 Parkview vs. R6 #3 Centennial

R7 #1 Norcross vs. R5 #4 Walton

R6 #2 South Forsyth vs. R8 #3 South Gwinnett

R6 #1 North Forsyth vs. R8 #4 Central Gwinnett

R7 #2 Duluth vs. R5 #3 Lassiter

R8 #1 Archer  vs. R6 #4 West Forsyth

R5 #2 Roswell vs. R7 #3 Mill Creek

ToddHolcomb moderator

Marietta Fan - You are correct. We had Newton listed twice. It's fixed.

ToddHolcomb moderator

Thanks, Marietta fan. Will check on that and report back.

Marietta Fan
Marietta Fan

I think according to the GHSA brackets on their website, the Marietta girls are playing at Luella. Here it has Newton County playing Marietta and North Cobb


Mr Holcomb, I realize this is a AAAAAA blog but do you know why Class A is held hostage by the GHSA until they decide to create the state basketball pairings while all of the other classes use the top 4 teams in each region. I am new to Class A sports, but it I think the GHSA should keep politics out of sports and let the teams success or failure decide their own fate. I constantly hear AAU and exposure basketball are ruining high school sports but the GHSA's interference into Class A sports seems almost criminal. Is there a valid reason for their involvement?

ToddHolcomb moderator

@ClassAGirlsBB - The GHSA had no choice but to ''interfere'' with Class A sports, else the public schools in Class A were going to leave the GHSA unless there were separate public and private state championships. The solution was the points system. What do you feel is the best alternative? I'm not defending the GHSA, but I would need to understand what you would propose in order to address the concerns that the GHSA would have with it. Be aware that the GHSA makes decisions based on the votes of its executive committee, which is made up of representatives from each region. Representatives of Class A schools approved the current format. It was not forced upon them by anyone working in the GHSA office.



Thank you for your response. I am new to the area and did not know the history behind the separate championships. Did the public schools insist on the separate tournaments because of the perennial private school basketball dynasties? I have no doubt the top 10 - 12 teams will not be affected by the rankings however I'm sure there are a few "bubble" teams that get the short end of the draw every year. I'll do some research and I will give you an unbiased proposal after the state tournaments are over. Let the games begin...